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JP-H10113106-A: Motor-driven fishing reel patent, JP-H10113804-A: U軸加工用スピンドル patent, JP-H1011399-A: Personal computer remote support system patent, JP-H10114510-A: Method for modifying activated carbon patent, JP-H10114594-A: エアバッグ用ガス発生剤 patent, JP-H10114872-A: Primer-coated polymer film having improved adhesion characteristic and its manufacture patent, JP-H10115416-A: Oil supply pump holder patent, JP-H10116291-A: Composite data retrieving method by stratification management patent, JP-H101162-A: 食品包装用シート patent, JP-H10116500-A: メモリを内蔵するロジックic patent, JP-H10116635-A: Battery cooling device for electric vehicle patent, JP-H10117385-A: 電波による活性化のための自動登録通知のためのシステムおよび方法 patent, JP-H10117568-A: Rail cover in combine patent, JP-H1011762-A: 光ディスク及び光ディスク駆動装置 patent, JP-H10118122-A: 多機能車椅子 patent, JP-H10118718-A: Press brake patent, JP-H10119632-A: 車載用冷温蔵庫 patent, JP-H10119689-A: Air bag fitting structure of automobile patent, JP-H10120100-A: Oil feed apparatus patent, JP-H10120145-A: Motor roller patent, JP-H10120428-A: Apparatus for regulating pressure of dehydration sintering furnace patent, JP-H10121836-A: 戸当たり材 patent, JP-H10123730-A: Method for inspecting electrophotographic photoreceptor coating liquid, and production of electrophotographic photoreceptor coating liquid patent, JP-H10123967-A: 照明装置 patent, JP-H10124569-A: 指導料請求処理方法、指導料請求処理システム及び記憶媒体 patent, JP-H10124744-A: Merchandise ejecting device for automatic vending machine patent, JP-H10125945-A: 太陽光発電装置 patent, JP-H10125952-A: 半導体装置用スペーサー及びその形成方法 patent, JP-H1012612-A: 窒化酸化膜の形成方法 patent, JP-H10126370-A: 帯域割当方法とそれを用いる時分割多重化装置 patent, JP-H10126501-A: 非常電話機の線路監視装置 patent, JP-H10126589-A: デジタル画像読み取り装置 patent, JP-H10126796-A: Digital camera for dynamic and still images using dual mode software processing patent, JP-H10127590-A: 改善された頻拍性不整脈識別方法および装置 patent, JP-H10128230-A: 建築板の塗装方法 patent, JP-H10128443-A: Vertical coiler patent, JP-H10128772-A: Apparatus and method for taking out ophthalmic lens molded product by scanning type laser patent, JP-H10128856-A: Method and apparatus for processing optically shaped data patent, JP-H10129387-A: Air bag cover patent, JP-H10129736-A: Manufacture of food and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H10129823-A: Ultraviolet ray applying device patent, JP-H10129943-A: 再給送装置 patent, JP-H10129-A: 揺り椅子 patent, JP-H10130434-A: Low-density polyethylene/layered silicate composite and its production patent, JP-H10131165-A: 締固め用の転圧ローラ装置 patent, JP-H10131175-A: 山留め壁及びその構築方法 patent, JP-H10131969-A: すべり軸受 patent, JP-H10132688-A: 空缶もれ判定装置 patent, JP-H10132896-A: Ic socket with operation indication function patent, JP-H10133327-A: Heat-developable photosensitive material patent, JP-H10134902-A: コネクターを同軸ケーブルに取り付ける方法及びその方法によって形成した同軸ケーブルアセンブリ patent, JP-H10135727-A: Coaxial resonance slot antenna patent, JP-H10136351-A: Image compression method, vital information image compression method and device therefor patent, JP-H10136594-A: Brushless dc motor and compressor using it patent, JP-H10137821-A: 異速圧延機 patent, JP-H10138265-A: Production of decorative panel patent, JP-H10138505-A: 弁、該弁を用いるインクタンク、及び該インクタンクの製造方法 patent, JP-H10138554-A: Image forming apparatus patent, JP-H10139072-A: 米俵容器 patent, JP-H10139094-A: ネジ・キャップ付の容器の開栓液抜機 patent, JP-H10139256-A: 後処理装置 patent, JP-H10139724-A: 4−ビフェニリル酢酸の製造方法 patent, JP-H10139846-A: フェノール樹脂組成物 patent, JP-H1014215-A: ゲート駆動方法 patent, JP-H10142520-A: 送りねじ機構 patent, JP-H10143184-A: Surround circuit patent, JP-H10143208-A: Data tracing method for sequencer patent, JP-H1014330-A: 野菜移植機の苗取出装置 patent, JP-H10144027-A: Disk-like recording medium patent, JP-H10144154-A: Manufacture of self-supporting type cable patent, JP-H10144784-A: Semiconductor device and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H10144945-A: 太陽電池素子及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H10145574-A: ファクシミリ装置 patent, JP-H10145724-A: Image recording and reproducing device and method therefor patent, JP-H10146240-A: Lumbar support for seat patent, JP-H10146745-A: ロ−ルの自動研磨装置 patent, JP-H10147869-A: Production of cutting tool made of surface-coated cemented carbide excellent in chipping resistance patent, JP-H10148001-A: 間仕切り等に用いるパネル patent, JP-H10148039-A: Garage device with extensible hood and hood device for car patent, JP-H10149288-A: Method and device for representing knowledge regarding entity patent, JP-H10149362-A: 情報処理方法及び装置及び記憶媒体 patent, JP-H10149413-A: Ic card reader patent, JP-H10149500-A: 航行安全支援装置 patent, JP-H10150061-A: Pressure-bonded semiconductor device and power converter patent, JP-H10150388-A: Adaptive equalizer having loop structure patent, JP-H10151185-A: 皮膚貼付用粘着テープ patent, JP-H10152001-A: Driving force controller for vehicle patent, JP-H10152485-A: Vapor-phase dehydrogenation of 1,4-butanediol into gamma-butyrolactone patent, JP-H101526-A: 活性水素成分及びポリウレタン樹脂の製造法 patent, JP-H10152892-A: 柱の継ぎ手構造 patent, JP-H10153034-A: 容器と蓋との蝶番連結構造 patent, JP-H10153211-A: ナットの緩み止め用ワッシャ並びにナットの緩み止め構造 patent, JP-H10154024-A: Battery backup system and its method patent, JP-H10154757-A: 半導体メモリセル及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H10157402-A: Bogie assembling method and bogie patent, JP-H1015787-A: Production line controller patent, JP-H10158330-A: Polypropylene resin for injection molding container patent, JP-H10158745-A: Manufacture of cold rolled steel sheet and hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, excellent in workability patent, JP-H10159186-A: 建築部材用ドリフトピン patent, JP-H10159690-A: スタータ patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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